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Hello there fellow nursing students,

My name is abby and I just recently started my first semester of the nursing program (2 yrs) at first everything was absolutely perfect (good grades especially in Pharmacology and Fundamentals of nursng) then just recent (last week AND this week) somehow all of that euphoria went out the window when I failed BOTH the 3rd Pharmacology exam (66% it was over Cardiac Glycosides, Diuretics, Endocrine drugs, diabetic drugs, and neurological drugs) I allowed myself ample time to study (3-4 days) yet I ended up failing that and fundamentals which btw i felt more confident in my knowledge on and was definitely MORE prepared for that one ( i took it today) and honestly right now... I feel like I've been kicked in the face.. maybe I'm going thru a funk? I actually had to wait 1 1/2 yrs to finally get accepted and everything was perfect until it got near the end of the semester... other than those bad grades my previous test scores have been in the high 80s... i just don't understand what went wrong... I do tend to second guess myself at times but I've always used the 50/50 choice thing if I had to guess or something. and unfortunately for me despite being pretty well prepared and knowledgable about the test material (practice quizzes/study guides and thinking about what kind of questions the teachers would give-all to prepare for critical thinking) it's just soooo confusing. I mean sometimes the instructors put questions on the tests are really straight forward.. especially on this 3rd fundamentals exam but some how I went from knowing all the info (fluid and electrlyte balance, skin integrity and wounds, Sensory system, and health assessment chpts) i lost all the positivity about the test and totally BOMBED it... i was crying as I was going home and it totally ruined my day, other than that clinicals have gone pretty well I find myself really catching onto the nursing roles and responsibilities I've got and have learned alot about charting and designing care plans and I'm really good at it too! just the tests seem to boggle me and I can't figure it out... I know that these tests are STRUCTURED for CRITICAL THINKING but i was able to fly by on the questions without any confusion thinking that I was doing good and everything and paced myself but it didn't end up like I'd wanted it

please (after this little rant) is there someone out there that has been thru this and can somehow help or give some advice on how I could possibly get over this and do better??? the teachers aren't very helpful to say the least... and my fellow classmates are totally against studying in a group claiming that it's too distracting...

please help I'm desperate!!!


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Hi, there.

It sounds really stressful, but I think that you still have some time to raise your scores.

I would recommend that you purchase a NCLEX review book (Saunders NCLEX or Prentice Hall Reviews & Rationales series on - read the buyer reviews, too). Once you get it/them, look at the question structure and the verbiage. Sometimes, question is worded for more than the obvious answer; it often requires you to analyze quickly in a step-by-stey manner to arrive at the truly correct answer. It also provides rationales as to why such answers are correct/incorrect.

I hope this helps. Best of luck! :) You can do this!


yes I'll definitely do that thank you it feels extremely hopeless especially when the teachers are of no help and the students are just out for themselves... but at least in the real world they'll find out sooner rather than later that it's best to look to others for help

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