I'm taking the step. Feeling delusional though.

Nursing Students CNA/MA


A little background--I used to be an EMT-A when I was much younger. I was proud of my accomplishment and took pride in my work. However, I found the money poor and the ladder too steep to climb so i left EMS and never returned. (I was young)

Today, I am 47 years old and looking for a new chanllenge. I want to get back to my health care roots, preferably in trauma care, but I am not sure if I have the same fire I had twenty some odd years ago.

Today, I enrolled in a CNA course coming up in Sept. The things that give me the greatest doubts are my age, how patients will react to me and how I will react to them. I have become very cynical over the past 20 yrs but I think I feel that way toward the able and healthy so it will not come out toward those I intend to serve.

Service is my greatest motivator. I have been a taker for too long and I am ready to give for a change. I have also noticed that many health care classes are filled with young beauty. I am grown and it shows. i hope that patients and classmates alike will take an aging, Native American male seriously as a care provider.

Wish me luck. Feedback appreciated and Thanks in advance.

Dear ndnreservation,

First off, you don't need any luck, you have a passion for care giving and that's what will shine through. Second, with the aging population what it is today, being 47 is not that old!! Your desire to be of service to others less able bodied and in need will and is very much appreciated!! You mentioned leaving EMS due to lack of pay and growth; I don't know what your educational background is, but being a CNA doesn't pay much, either. I'm in Los Angeles, and just started a LVN program, about half my class are CNA's, one has been doing it for 12 years and I believe her highest hourly pay grade was about $12-13. In LA, that doesn't go far!!

Depending on what part of the country you're in, and what type of facility you want to work in, the pay may be better. You may want to think about looking into LPN/LVN programs, and if you have some college or even a bachelor's degree, consider looking at doing a 2nd degree program towards a BSN for your RN license.

On another note, speaking from a patient's perspective. I am a 40 year old bi-racial woman (who is always being asked "what are you"? in reference to my ethnicity). I just had my 6th GYN related surgery this past March, the other 7 surgeries were orthopedic in nature (years of dance, soccer and track) YES-a total of 13 procedures!! I am grateful, nothing was life threatening!! I have always, always, always respected the care I've received from nursing and allied healthcare staff based on their willingness to provide care for me (like projectile vomiting at 1AM), their positive attitude and even when stressed/over worked, their dedication. I'd be honored to have you as a caregiver!!

There will always be people who don't accept or like you for something, but usually more that will not only LIKE you, but never forget you for the comfort, peace and care you provided.

So, I guess it won't hurt to wish you luck!!:w00t:

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