im 3rd year college and pregnant


im 1 month and 1 week pregnant im 3rd year and graduating next year, my due date is on november 29 this year, the problem is the new CHED memorandum, i forgot the new CMO number, the dean told us that if someone got pregnant this school year cannot enroll for 4th year,im on the last batch of the old CMO,the subjects will not be credited if i stop next school year and if i go back to school, i will start all over again in first year and its just a waste of money, my parents will not allow me to go back to school parents still doesnt know about my situation and they were expecting and very excited of me graduating and finish my studies next year.. im affiliating right now in manila,in san Lazaro hospital, Philippine orthopedic center and in national center mandaluyong mental hospital, my situation is still kept as a secret, and i dont know when i will tel my parents about it.. they will be really disappointed at me, im the eldest and i have 5 siblings, please give me some advice, i really need it...

is there a possibility that i can continue my study without going back to 1st year?i dont want to go back to 1st year anymore and i want to finish nursing...:crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2::crying2: