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I'm Offended By Some Female Nurses

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I encourage everyone to read the letter from Stephanie Tate in this month's RN magazine. She describes how she once got caught ogling and comenting on a patients genitals while prepping him for surgery. She's obviously proud of it and the editor obviously finds it humorous enough to print. Below is the letter I sent to the editor. I encourage everyone else to do the same, or explain why you wouldn't.

Ms. Ostrowski,

Wouldn't you think a male nurse who commented on the quality of the genitals of a female patient getting prepped for surgery was a creep? Wouldn't you want to report a man like that to the state board of nursing? It's sick--isn't it?

So, why do you publish letters from creepy old female nurses who comment on men's genitals while they're prepping them for surgery? I blame you more than I blame the creep nurse who wrote the letter, because you think it's funny enough to print in your "Question of the Month" column (see Stephanie Tate, "My urology patient that morning..." 07/04).

Women nurses are sorely mistaken if they think the path to respect and power is had by acting like the sexually harassing men who subjugated them first. Welcome to the ranks of Larry Flint and Hugh Heffner, Ms. Ostrowski; you're a real credit to your gender.

Now I think your magazine is a rag and I think you're responsible for that. I won't be renewing my subscription.


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