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:eek: Are there any WC CM companies in Arkansas. My Wife is interested in a position where she can work at home and be with our two year old.

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I do workers comp case management and am based from home however my kids are both in school all day and mant times my 6 yr old has to go to afterschool daycare. Although you are based from home you are expected to go on all MD appts with claimants, go to therapy sessions etc etc. It is a much easier job physically than the ER, where I used to work but it is a busy busy job..lots of reports, faxes, phone calls and appts. Today for instance I have 5 MD appts to attend then I will have to come home send out updates to employers and adjustors. I have to arrange for 3 surgical consults and then I will have 5 reports to do. I am only at 23 files right now and quite busy the avg case load for a WC nurse is 25-32 or so..many times I end up working more than 8 hours a day..it is more flexible in that I can be here when the bus gets home for the most part and I can go to school functions etc but I fully plan to put my 6 yr old in daycare this summer..I have too much to do to be mom when I am working. Since case management companies are for profit you are expected to bill a certain number of hours by day 10 day 15 and the last day of the month. Every task you do is billed so in order to meet the quota you have to actively work the files. I am not sure that your wife would be able to pull off both at the same time.... It is a fun job though!! Erin


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Hi Erin,

I am getting ready to start my own ICM business here in Texas. The fees are always kind of challeging for me. Some say charge a trip fee and mileage. Phone calls local and long distance. What fees would you recommend that you find work well for you. Any suggestion on rates would be helpful if you could,please.



Erin RN

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Hi Ann

I work for GENEX but since my region office is based in OR and I am in WA I get to work from home. I do fill out my billing and I know we charge the same hourly rate whether we are driving, waiting or in an appt. We charge the IRS rate .36 for mileage. All of the billing is done in 6 minute increments ..ie: .1 = 6 min, .2=12 min etc etc. We do charge for phone calls, for every 6 min it is around .50 add a fax to that and it is 1.00 a page. I kow that we negotiate rates and packages differently with different carriers but that is the standard billing which we use for most. I think the key is to develop a standard billing then when you start getting contracts work with they ins co or employer to come to an agreement..seesm like the average workers comp file is around 4-6 hours a month of work, give or take. In Wa, we have to report on each claim about every 30 days so I have to turn in reports about every 21-23 days so I always have some files that I send two reports in one month then one the next ...Have you been doing WC with a company? Going ind sounds fun but I am too new to do that. I do some legal nursing on the side and am also obtaining my life careplanning certification..eventually I hope to get the CCM. Someday I may take all three ind since they do compliment one another. Erin

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