I'm looking in Sarasota, Florida????

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I'm hoping to get a 13 week contract in Sarasota Florida or at least close, no more than 20 one way from Sarasota.

I have not even had my first travel agency job yet but I am hoping to find an agency that has a position in Med Surg around the area mentioned above.

I have heard that there are no travel jobs in Florida and what they might have are poor pay and hard to come by, does any one know if this is true?

I've also been told that it will take 10 weeks to get licensed?

Any one know any thing about this??:confused:


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Hi 4,

I am in the process of researching the Tampa area, and have learned a few things:

There are travel jobs in Florida....I don't know how many, but they are there.

I don't know how difficult they are to come by, but I have heard that there can be a lull in hospitals when the winter birds leave Florida.

Pay is pretty poor in my opinion...based on what I hear. However, Florida has no state income tax, and certain areas are low cost of living.

I have heard that it does take a while to get your license, but I don't know how people time it so they don't have to wait so long.

This is all I have found out...but if I come up with anything else I would be more than happy to pass it along.

However, I am only a nursing student....I live in Minnesota..so my info may be few are far between. In March my husband and I are going to Florida for a visit. We will be staying with his grandmother who lives in Bradenton (just outside Sarasota), and I have lined up hospital visits to talk with HR people. If you'd like, I can ask all sorts of questions about agency work, and I will pass it along.

Another good place for you to ask questions is the Florida section here on Allnurses. That is where I got the majority of my info.

Hope this helps!!


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