I'm In!!!!


I just got my acceptance letter for Nicholls State University!!! :lol2::lol2::lol2: I'm sooo excited and nervous at the same time!!!! I actually started jumping up and down outside, people probably thought I was crazy!!

After I got my rejection letter from NSU, they said that they were waiting for more funding so they could accept more students and that they would contact me when they found out more info. Well, I got it in today!! I start school on August 20, 2007!!!

I had gotten my rejection letter from Charity in May, and I figured there was a reason for me not getting in, and I really feel like this is the reason. NSU is 10 minutes away from my house instead of 1 Hour and I will go to school during the day instead of the evenings!!!

Just wanted to come share in the excitement!!!:balloons:

Good luck to everyone!!!


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congrats miss maya

good luck too


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:balloons:Congratulations Maya!!!!!!!

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