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I'm finally taking the plunge!

by Xleeniex3 Xleeniex3 (New) New

Hi all! Long time lurker, first time poster here.

So I'm diving into a cna program this spring at the local college! Even though I'm extremely nervous, I'm also extremely ready to begin a new career. Right now I'm a hostess/cashier at a casino and yes the pays good but man this isn't what I wanted to amount to so it's time for a change. My original plan was to become an RN in labor & delivery then maybe move on to CNM later. But after some discussion with my husband, some googling & talking with other people about their experience I've decided to join a military branch as a nurse! I actually wanted to enlist in the air Force at 18 but certain circumstances arose that hindered me from doing so. But since my husband is so supportive about it I'm going ahead with this again!

Anyway sorry for the ramble! I just can't stop talking about it lol. The real reason for my post is to inquire about other CNAs experiences as well as anyone in the military as a nurse. I've spoken with enlisted military people but no nurses. My step daughter is in the Navy as a logistics specialist (?).

Actually anyone can respond who loves to talk about their career! I've been learning so much from this site over the last few weeks. Like, I didn't know what a LTACH was until I read about it here. I've been looking at jobs to get an idea what's out there & some of the position duties were a little confusing as I just thought a CNA was in nursing homes or hospitals.

Ok I'll stop now (I can go on forever lol). Thank you in advance for any replies! I'm really looking forward to them 😃


Colleen, Future RN