I'm finally back in school - 14 more weeks

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Hi everyone! I started LPN school last fall, but left in March. My life was out of control and I was burning out. Now I'm back and will graduate in December...14 more weeks!!!!! Actually, I should be studying now, NEURO TEST TOMORROW :) I will study a lot today. Clinical start this week, I am SO glad I got the cardiac floor. I was a nurse aide on a cardiac unit for 2 yrs. and I think cardiac is very interesting. Anyway, just wanted to say hi again and tell everyone else to hang in there.


Real nurses wear yellow stickers.

Congrats! Hope things go better this time around!

BTW... what do yellow stickers mean???

Congrats and good luck.:)

Good luck, Metron! :)


Specializes in Counseling Service, Children's Pastor.

:eek: Hi! Brandy, I was talking about yellow charge stickers to charge things to pts. Nurses never have time to put them in the charge book (or wherever) and they go aroound with them stuck to their uniforms. One of the nurses I used to work with said there should be a t-shirt, Real Nurses Wear Yellow Stickers;)


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