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I'm close to freaking out..

I put my notice in a while back at my current position thinking that I'd have a travel assignment lined up by now. But I don't and I'm getting stressed out thinking about the possibility of not being employed at all in a couple weeks, which is when my current permanent job ends. I signed up with CCTC and have applied for 3 NYC positions. So far, two of them have been filled and one of them still hasn't called (anyone!) yet. Is this normal? Oh yeah, I'm a first- time traveler, never done an assignment yet, and have had 1 of med-surg and 1/2 year of tele.

I've never traveled before but am also considering it. I can tell you that I've been looking for ~4 months (being very picky though) and still haven't found something. I finally thought I found something hopeful (also with CCTC) and the job was "closed" the day my recruiter was supposed to be submitting my file. I'm not saying its CCTC's fault but just wanted to let you know you aren't the only one. If you haven't already I'd try researching and looking into other companies..there a so many to pick from, all with different jobs available.


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First of all, don't rely on just one company to be looking for you an assignment. Sign up with several. Many offer assignments where others do not. also, some companies such as Fastaff and Trinity have shorter or rapid response type assignments.. Trinity for example, will sign you up for like 4 weeks of Per diem in Phoenix or Tuscon.. they fly you there, give you an extended stay, all yuo have to do is get back and forth to work. If you live in a compact state, this is a great thing for in between assignments because it keeps you busy while looking for yet another assignment.

Other companies you might look into are Agnosti, ACES, Western Staffing or Northwest Nurse Staffing. Just to name a few.. the only one of these I have traveled with Repeatedly has been fastaff.. They have always come through for me.

Again, apply at many places and have a current file.. Opens more doors and keeps you busy.


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