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Illinois RN endorsement answers for those educated outside US


Last May (2014) I posted some questions here regarding RN Illinois endorsement. I received my Illinois license last week and I would like to help anyone especially foreign nurses like me who are having questions regarding the endorsement of their license. I will try to put into details all the infos i can share with you.

First, download the RN endorsement form (this also includes the form for people who wants to take the examination and form for the restoration of their license). this is the link: www.idfpr.com/Renewals/apply/forms/rn-en.pdf

What I did was I went straight to page 16 (checklist) and answered each form accordingly.

The first part is the 4-page application review.

Part 1- Application Category Information- Registered Nurse, code: 041, fee $75.00 (for the temporary permit and endorsement of license). Note: if you are married, please dont forget to send a copy of a marriage certificate.

Part 2- applicant identifying information - thats easy :) Social Security Number or SSN: I dont have SSN yet, you will get this once you actually entered the US and applied for it. So just leave this portion blank. You will be asked later for an SSN before you start working and you can put this info on the renewal.

Part 3- Education information. I live and study in Manila, Preliminary education is 10 (6 for elementary and 4 in highschool)

Part 4- Record of Licensure information - Original licensure- Vermont (where I passed my initial license in the US); state of current licensure- I placed Manila, Philippines, where I am practicing.

Part 5- record of Examination - i took cgfns and Rn-Nclex, state is Vermont. so i placed them both and the other infos

Part 6- I have no issues with the statements there so i placed NO.

Part 7- Examination coding- FOR EXAMINEES ONLY, not for endorsement

Part 8- Child support - i have none.

Part 9- certifying statement- i placed my name and signature- date.

Supporting documents

1.Application fee: $75.00. Philippine banks can only produce manager's check which the institution will not accept. What are your options? if your employer, family or friends will be willing to issue you a check, have them write:

Pay to the order of : Dept of Financial & Professional regulation.

The amount $75.00 and in words.

Memo: Dept of Financial & professional regulation

ATTN: Division of Professional regulation

P.O. Box 7007

Springfield IL 62791 RN

R.N App./ Your name

2. Supporting Document CCA - SSN- leave blank, check on Registered Nurses, questions 1-4 NO if you have no problem with those. dont forget to sign and place a date.

3. ED-NUR - bring this form to the school where you graduated nursing, my school (UST) needed a transcript of record (P350 aat the main building) and a processing fee of P450 at the nursing office. Come back and get all these forms, make sure you have the school zeal.

4. CGFNS or CES report - Sent them my original CGFNS certificate. (NOte: If you want to have your original certificate back, send them a letter together with your application and tell them that you want your original certificate back. Just provide a phtotocopy of your certificates for their personal file).

5. CT-NUR form (original and current). Since Vermont Board of nursing is affiliated at Nursys, (see http://www.nursys.com), it is easier for us to get our license verified from one state to another. Go to get a license verified-->continue-->enter necessary infos-->check verify license-->click on the state where you want your license endorsed and pay $30.00 (P1,356.28), and thats it.

6. CT-NUR form from states practicing within last 5 years ( Verification by the licensing board). Since I graduated in the Philippines, I had to go to PRC. Bring this form, together with your transcript of record (TOR), fill up the application form from the PRC and pay for the documentary stamp. Processing fee is P150 and it took 2 weeks for this to be processed. If you want your document to be delivered in your house, just go to 2go just across the PRC and give them a copy of your receipt.

7. Verification requested from Nursys (if applicable)-see#5.

8. Verification of Employment- you have to provide a form for each employers that you worked with and is working with, especially for the last 5 years that you practiced nursing. Just fill up the form

9. Proof of name change - give a copy of your marriage certificate

10. Criminal background check requested & 11. Proof of fingerprint submission. - with this one, you will need to ask the Illinois board of nursing to send you a copy of the Illinois State of Police (ISP) fingerprint card. Once you have this, go to NBI (I went at the Main office in Taft) and had my fingerprints taken. Now, I spoke with one of their heads and she told me that some of the cards are being sent back to them for reprinting, make sure that you dont get any smudge or fold on your card. If you are married, place your married name at the top of the card, subjects maiden name will be your name before you get married. Regarding the check for the processing of your fingerprint card in ISP, this must include the following info:

Pay to the order of: Illinois State Police

amount: $36.50 then write in words

memo: Illinois State of Police

Bureau of Identification

260 North Chicago Street

Joliet, IL 60432-4075

Criminal Background check - IL endorsement

at the bottom:

Illinois State POlice YOUR NAME- processing fee

The card with your fingerprints and the check must be sent to the address stated above- ISP address'. Dont forget to sign and fill up the date.

12. TP-NUR form - just fill up this form and sign.

13.Copies of Active licenses- For temporary permit only- i dont have a temporary permit so i disregarded this.

14. RS form- for restoration of license only

15. Current NCLEX exam- sent my original and the photocopy of this. As i mentioned above, i made a letter asking them to return this certificate with my cgfns which they did together with my license.

16. Request letter to return the original certificates - CGFNS and NCLEX. they also returned my TOR which is a plus original document for me. :)

well, i sent my document last jul 31 and i got it from mail this week. they received it around aug 7, when i checked the envelope with a US postage, it was sent to me aug 20 so, technically, it took them less than 2 weeks to process my application.

TIP: if you are not sure of what to do, call the Illinois board of nursing (800) 560-6420. Sometimes the recorder will tell you to wait for an hour or so, but wait just a bit they will be able to answer your call. I tried calling 3x, they were able to answer in less than 10 minutes. If you are worried that youll get charged ling distance but you have a phone and a wifi, download a magicjack application and call them for free!

Thanks for sharing.. I am endorsing my TX RN license to IL so this is really helpful. Btw, your license processing time was really fast good for you. I noticed you submitted filled out ED-NUR form with orig TOR and VE form, this was not listed in reqts under ENDORSEMENT (educated outside US or territory) do i really need to send it? I will be sending my orig VISASCREEN PROG CERTIFICATE.

another thing, what did you include in your packet after requesting for license verification thru NURSYS.com i understand they'll be the one forwarding the verified license to Illinois? Lastly, i'd like to ask how did you send your packet to IDFPR? Via courier? As address was P.O. box i know most couriers would not want to deliver parcels with PO BOX address thanks for your reply :)

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Hi @pinay nurse, just want to ask coz i dun know where to get what i need to input on the part7 of the application of licensure and/or licensure?; also is the part 3: education information under the specialized training, is that the employment or just the training that we atended in the philippines?

hope can get reply from you,. thanks and godbless

I HAVE A QUESTION re illinois bon application bay endorsement.i dont know what to enter in Part 3 number 7


7. SPECIALIZED TRAINING (Residency, Professional Training, Vocational Training, Practical or Clinical Training) i sthese refering to my clinicals? which has no from to date in my document and space is not enough for the rotation i had.pls help me

can you answer my q? thanks