Which Chicago Hospital is like this?

  1. I heard that there is a hospital in Chciago, it is midsize, and it is mid level in Chicago, their overtime is one and half of regular pay and plus $15 per hour. So if your regular pay is 20, the overtime hourly pay is 20X1.5+15=45. Do you know which hospital is? Their pay scale is

    yeas of expe Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
    0 23.75
    1 24.11 25.07 26.20
    2 24.47 25.45 26.64
    3 24.83 25.83 27.10
    4 25.21 26.22 27.56
    5 25.59 26.61 28.03
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  3. by   linda8532
    Well I am not a level 3 but have ten years of experience and make a heck of alot more than what you have quoted on here.
  4. by   Gompers
    I'm sorry - there are dozens of hospitals in Chicago, and without more information it's very hard to know which one you're talking about. Another tip - do not pick a hospital based on money alone!
  5. by   linda8532
    exactly, there is a reason some pay more and some don't. Also look at the turn over rate, why do some hospitals frequently advertise in one department to the next. Talk to people, how do they like their job, etc. I always look at the whole picture including benefits which are important to me.