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  1. Hello.

    I am thinking about applying to College of DuPage's ADN program. If I get excepted I would like to become a pediatric nurse. I have two posts on here asking various questions about this area of nursing.

    I love kids and want to make a difference in their lives and also the lives of their family. I mentioned before that I don't live far from Glen Oaks Hospital and Central DuPage Hospital. I would like to volunteer at one of these places and work in the pediatric ward. Where do I begin?

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  3. by   amcteague
    I think if you go onto www.cdh.org there are volunteer opportunities. I know they do have positions there. I am not sure what Glen Oaks has to offer.
  4. by   Stitchie
    Have you considered the CoACH house in Naperville? It is a facility for medically fragile children, staffed by nurses and very dependent on volunteer help. The facility takes in all kinds of children on a respite basis.

    This is a wonderful organization, well run, beautiful facility and the work they do is very rewarding. You can PM me if you want the telephone number.

    They love student nurses and it's almost like a rotation without the instructors!
  5. by   QTRN74
    Volunteering is a GREAT idea! I have worked at both hospitals you mentioned and volunteered at CDH. I recommend staying away from Glen Oaks. I lasted a little more than 2 months there and left for CDH!
    I would also rec. trying to volunteer in the ER...that is where you will see the most variety! Good luck!