VA Hospital Nurse Residency Program (Hines, IL)

  1. Please help!!! Any one interviewd before for the VA? I know they have a structured interview. Does anyone know what specific questions they ask? I applied for the Nurse Residency Program at Hines, IL. Did anyone interview there before for a staff nurse position or for the program? I still have to take the NCLEX which is scheduled after my interview. I feel very stressed!!! I appreciate all you advice.
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  3. by   sallber
    Hi There!

    I applied and interviewed for the VALOR student nurse position at the VA, and that is the summer job that I have now. My understanding is that the VA has panel interviews, meaning there will be about four or five people interviewing you. They do have set questions that they ask, I heard somewhere you can get the list online but I am not sure.

    It's hard for me to know for sure what questions they will ask of you because my position was a student position and I don't know if they would ask the same questions for a nurse residency. Just prepare like you would for any interview, go over your nursing process, know your own strengths and weaknesses and be able to explain them succinctly and confidently. Oh! And think about why you want to work for the VA. Know about the VA. Good luck!
  4. by   newsimplesum
    i was wondering how your interview was. I recently applied for it and have an interview in a few weeks. Thank you
  5. by   peilinglong
    I had an interview with VA home based primary care nurse in west Texas. I want this job so bad, after the interview what will happen? How long will it take to start this job?