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  1. Hi everyone,

    I live in Milwaukee and will graduate May 2006 with ADN (prior BS in Business) and I saw that on Feb 11th University Hospitals is having a job fair.

    I currently work in CVICU-Intern (Milwaukee) and I like my job, I just don't like my organization so much...benefits are horrible, education reimbursement is slim, full time is 80/week, new grads must work that crazy day/night rotation.....I worked 5 night shifts, had less than 24hrs off and three day shifts...ick!

    I have been looking at opportunities in Chicago and notice that University Chicago was rated one of the top hospitals 2005, they offer FULL reimbursement for BS completion and Full time is 36 hours. No agency/ hospital offers anything close to this in Milwaukee.

    I am interested in CVICU or Cardiac stepdown. Does anyone have any knowledge of these floors....3SE Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit or 5SE Telemetry Stepdown????

    Even if you aren't familiar with the floors, maybe you know someone who works in the Chicago hospital or you just have general information on working conditions in the hospital (staffing ratio, preceptor/ orientation program in general). I am looking for the real deal, please PM me with any info if afraid or hesitant to post...or hopefully you have good things to say and will leave a great post!

    I am also looking at a Job fair with RUSH in March and have thoughts of Northwestern....

    I am looking for good benefits, tuition reimbursement, 36hr full time, straight shifts (I don't care if it is nights, I don't like to rotate), decent staffing ratio (my ICU is 1:2--even if they are VAD or CVVH, Cardiac Stepdown is 1:4 day, 1:6 PM) and I love teamwork (who doesn't)!

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  3. by   chi town girl

    just wondering if you've accepted a job at U of C...because i'm currently deciding whether to take a position on 6NW (bone marrow transplant)...i really liked the unit/unit manager but i'm unsure about the quality of the orientation...and about the culture of the hospital - if you don't mind sharing what you've learned, i'd be very appreciative...
  4. by   JRA
    I just graduated and got hired at U of C, Northwestern, and Swedish covenent. I chose U of C because of its diversity and flexible scheduling, not to mention pay and benefits. I really love it there. I am working on 4NW transplant/vascular unit and I have been there for two weeks now. Everyone there is very nice. I wanted to work somewhere where I would be exposed to different cultures and I am very pleased with my decision. If you have ANY questions please contact me any time!
  5. by   glenn0220
    Are you still at U of C? I would like to hear about your experience there.
  6. by   hopkins76
    Hi, I saw your old post on and was wondering if you were still at U of C. I'm finishing my BSN in May and relocating to Chicago. U of C is my top choice where I want to target jobs and I was wondering how your experience has been. Thanks! Dianne
  7. by   glenn0220
    No longer there. You can call me if you want. 312-576-9454.