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  1. Has anyone heard if you've gotten an interview yet? Starting to get anxious!!
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  3. by   carriedc8
    Tulip! Thank god I'm not the only one getting anxious! I've been expecting it sometime this week - I can't imagine they won't send out emails tomorrow. Luckily the string from last year's round of admission process stuff on this site is making me calm down a little bit since it sounds like they went through the same thing. Let me know if you hear anything (and if there are any others out there please feel free to chime in!).

    Good luck,

  4. by   tulip19
    Well, I guess at least both of have not heard yet... I know,...I'm going a bit crazy with anticipation!! Definitely makes me feel a bit better to know others are in the same boat... Hopefully soon!
  5. by   billymays
    Hi All,

    If you applied for the Acute, Adult or Geriatric specializations, you would have received an email last week from the department of behavioral sciences, which seemingly is the umbrella under which these specializations are grouped.

    The email simply stated they're in the process of reviewing 70 applicants and will be writing to offer interviews within the next two weeks. So, the email was sent out last Wednesday; some folks will be hearing about interviews possibly later this week or early next.

    I guess we can all conclude our applications have at least moved our specializations for review.

    Best luck to all! I hope you hear something soon!
  6. by   chirun
    Hi All,
    I applied to WHNP and I haven't heard anything about interviews...the anticipation is driving me crazy!

    Thanks for starting this thread, and good luck to everyone!
  7. by   tulip19
    I applied under the Dept of WCFHS also and haven't heard anything yet either... Hopefully soon!
  8. by   carriedc8
    Grrr I'm still waiting to hear something - I applied for FNP (which I realize is very popular and likely might take longer to weed through all the applications). Still, I feel like my life is on hold until I hear something! Any updates for any of you?
  9. by   chirun
    Nope, still haven't heard anything. A friend got an email this morning about interviews for the PNP program, so maybe today?
  10. by   billymays
    Did anybody here get into any other GEPN programs?
  11. by   tulip19
    I got the email today for PNP interviews... On to the next step!
  12. by   billymays
    Did you get an interview? Congratz!
  13. by   tulip19
    Yep Excited and very nervous!! Has anyone else heard anything for any of the other specialties?
  14. by   billymays
    Wow that's awesome! You must totally rule! How was your GRE/GPA... do you have a lot of experience in the medical field?

    I haven't heard anything yet beyond what I described earlier. I applied for Adult/Geriatric NP. I hope the majority of the 70 applicants for Adult/Geriatric/Acute were for Acute! I'm so doubtful I'll get an interview.