St. James

  1. Is anyone familiar with St. James in either Chicago Heights or Olympia Fields? I was wondering if their was anything you could tell me about those hospitals as I am not familiar with them. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   KellyLynnRN
    I know this was an older post, but I'm actually starting going to be working at St James. What did you want to know about the hospital?
  4. by   ChicagoRN2010
    I just applied to St. James. How was the interview? How much experience do you have? Do you self schedule? And if you don't mind, what is the starting rate? Sorry for so many questions.
  5. by   KellyLynnRN
    I'm a new grad-so no experience besides school. The interview wasn't too bad (one with HR and one with the unit manager). I took a math and EKG test before my first interview. They started me at 26/hour (which is pretty standard as I have no real experience). I'm still on orientation, so I don't get to set my own schedule, but have heard from the other nurses that you are able to pick your own days. Good luck!
  6. by   ChicagoRN2010
    My interview is on Tuesday. How was the math and ekg test? were you there long?what type of interview questions did they ask you?
  7. by   ChicagoRN2010
    I got the job!!!!! I'll be working in the CVIVU at Olympia Fields!!
  8. by   trying to be a nurse
    Are you still working at St. James Hospital? I am looking for part-time employment CNA - while attending Nursing School. What is the procedure to getting hired? Should I forget about the internet and try the old fashioned way by sending resume in? Thanks any information will help.