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Hi. I'm a college student who is looking at schools to transfer to in Chicago. Does anyone recommend any nursing schools in that area? Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   destined2bCRNA
    I went to Truman for some pre-reqs and it is a great college- much different from Olive-Harvey or Kennedy King. I really do agree that it depends on which ccc you go to. If I hadn't gotten into my 1st choice, my plan was to apply to Daley and Truman. I hear their program is really good. I did check and the only ones that are NLN accredited are Truman and Daley, so you may want to keep that in mind if applying to ccc's. And NurseRatched is correct about problems at every University, I'm just getting over dealing w/financial aid problems at UIC!
  2. by   livingthedream
    I agree, there are issues at every school - but I went to Harold Washington and it was HORRIBLE. Teachers that were rude and would comment that if they flunk you, it does not hurt them. Teachers that don't speak english and cannot spell anatomy words on the board. It was the worst experience of my life.

    I went to undergrad when you had to apply for classes by waiting in line, while I was there it moved to phone registration, now they have web registration - I don't understand how other schools can move into technology and harold washington still has you waiting in line.

    Don't get me wrong, the masters program I am in has lost paperwork an done other crazy things, but at least I did not have to wait for 3 hours for something when I know what I needed the whole time.

    How do they expect to graduate folks that can do anything at all no matter what their degree if they cannot critically think enough about not scheduling themselves in the wrong classes. What job are they getting them ready for??? The hand-holding jobs that I see available everywhere??

    As you can see I have a real bad taste in my mouth from the CCC's and I only went to one and they did not have a nursing school. So don't take my bad attitude and use it as your only thing to go on, however, I was so angered by it, I did almost go somewhere else for my other classes since it was SOO much of a horrible thing to have to do for one class.
  3. by   destined2bCRNA

    I have a bad taste in my mouth for ccc's as well, but I'm trying to be diplomatic, lol. I wanted to go to Daley because when I took 3 courses there 1 semester, it was like being in a different world :spin: from the other ccc's: so completely different.

    "Teachers that were rude and would comment that if they flunk you, it does not hurt them"

    That is exactly what I was describing in a previous post. My cousin had to deal with this and witnessed one girl "kissing up", so she started "kissing up" and offering to grade papers and tests... she is now an RN, who doesn't like to touch people and working at a car plant to meet an engineer, lol. Sad. When she told me I would have to do the same, I vowed to never do so; my academics, skill, and compassion should speak alone. And so far, that's all I've had to prove, so she was so wrong! Getting rid of diplomacy... would I ever go to a ccc? Yep, if I couldn't get into another program... so thank God I did.
  4. by   SillyLilly
    I have attended the CCC for several years and graduated with an ADN from Truman.

    The ADN program had its moments of disorganization and inconsistency, but over all felt the instructors were mostly dedicated to what they do. Mind you, this is not what I have heard about the other ADN programs at other CCC colleges.

    I took my pre reqs at Wright, and I felt I had a good education. Many of my teachers were wonderful. I know other people who have gone to Wright college and have succeeded in other programs as well, such as med school and pharmacy school in recognized Universities.

    Those are my experiences.
  5. by   shinobuchan
    how expensive is Nursing in a community college? how much is their tuition?
  6. by   destined2bCRNA
    The ccc's are $62.00 per credit hour.
  7. by   gbarrera2
    St. Xavier University...where the faculty are amazing, and the class sizes are small so you get the one-on-one teaching you deserve. It's a private institution, but there is a lot of financial aid available. Good Luck!
  8. by   vitalsigns02
    UIC is a really good nursing school and competitive to get in.

    Rush only has master's programs now. They discontinued all of their undergrad nursing programs..the present class is the last cohort.

    Loyola is good for nursing as well, but transfering into their BSN program is competitive. They only accept transfers if someone from their original class (starting from their freshman year) drops out.

    Many people go to community colleges for their associate's degree, but as someone stated, many of the schools have waiting lists. Most hospitals in Chicago will hire nurses with associate's degrees, but FYI, Rush University Medical Center isn't anymore...have to have bachelor's.
  9. by   Ashley MA
    Can someone please help me!!! I am a medical assistant looking to start the pre reqs for nursing and don't knoe if I should go to Morraine Valley, KK College or Daley College????? How many semesters do I have to take to finish the pre reqs????
  10. by   StyleNurse, BSN, RN
    hi!! so it may take you 1 yr or so to finish the pre reqs if you're trying to get into a city college nursing program for your ADN. If you're trying to do a BSN program it may take longer depending on the school. hope this helps. what nursing program are you trying to get into?