Rush GEM Summer 2013 - page 2

Anyone getting their application ready or already submitted? November 1st will be here sooner than we think! Super excited and cannot wait to officially apply! Taking organic chemistry now and... Read More

  1. by   Thesis major
    tjscarce, how was your interview yesterday?
  2. by   bmn2093
    I had mine on Thursday, it went well. Basic questions, why ruh, why nursing, an ethical question and just telling them about yourself. Pretty laid back. Make sure you have a few questions of your own to ask them and good luck to everyone! Just a waiting game now-Brendan
  3. by   staysea13
    Hey guys! I am already accepted to the Summer 2013 program (I got waitlisted for Spring and didn't get in) but would love to make a Facebook page or something when everyone starts to find out if they were accepted! Keep us posted and good luck!

  4. by   tjscarce
    Sorry for the late response, my interview was great. I will say if was more fun that i anticipated, so just keep it cool. Also, be sure you have 1 or 2 questions, cos that really kept us flowing. It was good over all.
  5. by   umsunny3
    OMG he asked me the same thing. And it didn't seem like he agreed w my answer! Do you remember who your interviewer was?
  6. by   tjscarce
    Well, i was interviewed by the head of admissions....she didn't ask abt the CNL, thou i prepared for it! I believe it is just random, and they all just have their "joker" questions.
  7. by   Thesis major
    I had my interview today. The staff is very nice and the interview is very relaxed and conversational. I can't wait until march 7 when we find out about our admission decision.
  8. by   bmn2093
    Yeah I have been trying to play it cool during the wait until March 7th but I am getting anxious!
  9. by   anitadoula
    Renee, sounds like you were interviewed by Dr. Hicks. He's the director of the GEM program and a strong advocate of the CNL aspect of our program. His perspective and that of the GEM program is that we're being trained to NOT be just staff nurses who push meds and change IVs but rather critical thinkers and leaders. He teaches our Socialization class and loves nursing theory. If you get in - make sure you take this class with him (there's usually 2 sections - the other one is taught by someone else). Good luck to all!

  10. by   anitadoula
    Stacey, I remember you (from the Rush Gem Spring 2013 thread) trying to decide between starting at Depaul this past January or waiting until Summer 2013 for the GEM. It's good to see that you decided on Rush It really is such a plus to be associated with a medical center. Definitely, do start a FB page once you all start getting your acceptance letters. We did that for our cohort and it was such a nice way to get to know one another before the program started. I feel like we're a closer group because of it. We've just finished our 7th week and it's amazing how fast you form close friendships. Good luck!

  11. by   naysando

    Thanks so much : )
    I loved him! He was so nice and very interesting to speak with. I did review the CNL duties and also jumped on and reviewed some of his research projects too- pretty cool stuff! I love the focus on enhancing healthcare while decreasing medical errors.

    Now all that's left is the 2 week waiting period : )

  12. by   Thesis major
    4-5 days until decision day... So long
  13. by   umsunny
    Just out of curiosity, did you guys apply for the summer cohort? or for the fall cohort?