Resurrection University Fall 2016

  1. Hi, I was accepted into ResU for the fall term. I was wondering if their is anyone else attending in the fall?
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  3. by   the architect
    Congrats to you tkeyha! I was accepted into the program a few days ago as well. Sorting through all the paperwork now that came in email. Moving back to the Chicago area to be closer to family, so a bit slammed with packing up the house and getting ready for the move right now. Very excited! Feel free to direct message me ... maybe we can start a google hangouts chat for all new students? It requires a gmail account.
  4. by   tkeyah018
    Hi congrats!!! That's is fine, I have a gmail account. I am so nervous. I've spent hours googling everything. I was also accepted at Lakeview College of Nursing but it is a two hour drive and I'd rather stay closer to family that way I can have help with my kids.
  5. by   the architect
    Feel free to email me if you want:
  6. by   lj18
    I was accepted for the evening and weekends.
  7. by   nstudent123
    i got accepted and attending in the fall.
    i believe classes start on September 06 for me.
    i am taking the bsn day pre licensure
  8. by   Dene2128
    I have also been accepted! I will be attending this fall for the night and weekend program!