Proof of Medical Insurance to get into Nursing Program?

  1. I was wondering if it is necessary to have medical insurance before starting a nursing program?

    I was looking at an LPN program and they are the first program I have ever seen to list you need medical insurance

    If this is the case what school did you attend in IL that required this?
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  3. by   TrinaCNA
    I live in new Jersey and you have to have Medical Insurance...You can't start clinicals without if because something might happen to you in the hospital and it would be the schools fault if they didn't check to see if you had insurance first.
  4. by   xoloveinautumn
    Oh okay thanks
    Anyone know of a cheap medical insurance I can get??
  5. by   afox
    when my husband and i first got married before he had a good job, i had health insurance through celtic. i went to and they ask questions about if you are a student, the amount of coverage, etc... then they give you a list of different options with different copays/deductables/coverage. I was paying 60 dollars a month, which was cheaper than the insurance my job offered part time employees, and it also had better coverage. there were cheaper policies as well, i just chose one that included my previous doctor. So i'd try there hopefully you can find something that would work for you!