NIU Nursing Admissions 2017/2018

  1. I just applied to NIU and I'm worried about getting in! I have a 3.9 accumulative GPA and a 4.0 in prereqs (including stats and A&P and chem) and received a 110/120 on the reading accuplacer, but I still have 2 prereqs left to complete and I will finish them in the spring. I know not having all prereqs done will hurt me. But is this typically enough for a transfer student to get accepted? I heard last year NIU received over 1,000 applicants! That worries me a little. Also has anyone else applied to NIU or is there anyone currently in the program?
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    I applied last minute January, because my manager kept insisting I do, NIU, was the only program I applied to. I received my acceptance letter late March to start spring 2018. I did the orientation in May, got my schedule in November, and tomorrow I'll be getting $978 worth of books. When I applied I had an overall GPA of 3.1 and prerequisite GPA of 3.4. I rushed through the reading test in like 15mins. And got a 96. I still had stats and basic bio to do. I did bio inn the summer and stats in the fall. I can in as a transfer student from college of DuPage and those were the only two classes I had left to receive my Associates in arts or science. I think it depends on the application pool for each cycle. Two of my friends applied and didn't get in. One of them decided to apply at NIU as a student to see if this would help, since they have different applicant pools. They have one for high school students who show great potential and they are guaranteed admission, they have one for NIU students, and last is transfer students. Transfer students get acceptance letters last and that pool ranges from 400-600. Hope this helps!
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    Thank you this was real helpful and gives me greater confidence of getting accepted. Northern is the only school I applied to as well so I hope the applicant pool is about the same as it was last year. And congrats on getting in! NIU is one of the best programs around from all the people I've talked to. But man, $1000 for just books. Brutal! Good luck this semester I'm sure you'll do great. But look out for me messaging you in May or June about how the first semester went so I can prepare and get a little head start lol.
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    Also since you're starting soon I figured I should share something I recently found. There is a quizlet page that was created by an NIU nursing student that has a ton of amazing information on it, including from classes I think you'll be taking this semester like alterations in biological systems and fundamentals and critical thinking and health assessment. I'm already starting to look it over just so I'm overly prepared haha hope this helps you kick butt first semester! skye_torres | Quizlet