nclex re-take exam

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am new here. I just had my first nclex exam this morning, did the trick and had a bad popup meaning most probably I failed the exam.

    I would like to take the exam again. By the way I am here in Manila, Philippines. I applied for the state of illinois. I would like to ask for help regarding re-taking the exams:

    1. Can I apply again right away? or wait 45-90 days before applying? What papers do I need to re-submit? Can I start with eligibility now and then att after 90 days? I am really confused.

    2. And if you could please tell me the step by step procedure for this and the links too because the website is just too confusing.

    I will gladly appreciate your help guys. I'm just so depressed right now.

    Thank you very much...
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  3. by   nurse-kel
    I totally know how you feel, I failed the first time too! I've been studying for 6 weeks every day and I am schedule to take it again in 2 days. I took the Kaplan and it really helped with both content and testing skills.
    As far as rescheduling you can reschedule right away but have to make sure its on or after the 45 day mark. Re-register with the state board (you'll get your results in the mail and the registration form will be included in your results. Once the state board ok's you then you can schedule your test, the same way you did the first time. Hope this helps. Let yourself be sad but only for a couple of days, then get back to it and kick that test butt! You can do it!
  4. by   usrnwannabe
    Hello Nurse-kel,

    Thank you for your response and God bless on your upcoming exam.