LPN's and IV therapy

  1. Hello,
    I am hoping to gain insight on the different duties as it relates to IV therapy and the LPN in Illinois.
    It seems to me that many nurses are practicing IV therapy in numerous different ways and are doing various activities.
    I know what the Illinois regulations say in section 1300.44, but in real time practice, and because of the ambiquous nature of the regulations, I've met many LPN's who are doing everything from IV push medications to hanging TPN and therefore would like to get some insight from a larger sample of medical professionals. Can anyone give me examples of what you do as it relates to IV therapy?
    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   zuku26
    From what I understand as an IL ER- LPN, we are not allowed to di IV push meds or hang blood. Drips like TPN, Heprin, and other cardiac meds depend on hospital policy. My hospital allows us to do IV pushs only in the company of an MD and another RN only during Cardiac arrests if the RN in the room is doing something like shocking or helping intubate. Basically when there is no other option and the pt is going to die. But on the other hand IV insertion is no problem, and premixed piggybag antibiotics and drips like insulin pre-mixed for me by an RN or Pharm is open season. From what I've heard the new Nursing practice Act allows for flexibilty for LPN's and IV pushes.