LPN-BSN at Chamberlain or LPN-RN at Ambria College of Nursing

  1. I am currently working as an LPN and have recently decided that I want to go back to school. I'm considering either LPN-BSN at Chamberlain in Addison which is 3 years and almost $80,000! and LPN-RN at Ambria which is 1-2 yrs depending on how flexible your schedule is...program costs about $20,000...both schools do offer financial aid. At Chamberlain, I still have to repeat my prereqs, like English, Anatomy, Bio..as my credits can't be transferred...also, I live in the Aurora area, so Chamberlain is about a 30 min drive for me...I would hate to start all over again but i think its the same for all BSN bridge programs...the counselor also suggested that I can take the prereqs at my local community college to save money...I'm not rushing to get my BSN but I would like to go back to school this fall to take some prereqs and get things started. On the other hand, Ambria has no prereqs, just your LPN license and you need to pass an entrance exam i think, planning to go to one of their information sessions soon...Ambria is also about a 30-45 min drive for me...should I just take my time and go to Chamberlain? or not waste my time re-taking all these prereqs and go to Ambria...then get an RN-BSN at say Aurora University? I can save money at Ambria if I go this route, cause I'll be spending the $20K then to get into an RN-BSN program would probably be about the same or less...so I would spend a total of approx $40-50K which is definitely way cheaper than Chamberlain's program. But then again, Chamberlain is one of the best nursing schools and has an excellent reputation which would definitely help with my nursing career..I still haven't decided on which route I want to choose...I just know I want to get my BSN while I still can (single, no kids and still young) If anyone who has gone to either of these schools could please give me some feedback, I would really appreciate it! I really wish there were more schools that offered an LPN-BSN near me...or at least the LPN-RN for cheaper...but I don't want to waste my time and wait for a school to open up...and if I may have gotten the wrong information such as program costs and prereqs, please correct me...I'm just trying to look at pros and cons of each program...thanks!
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  3. by   Tggrwilliams86
    The cost of the LPN to RN bridge at Ambria is actually around 32,000 if you don't have the pre reqs done. I just recently graduated here with my LPN and I would avoid this school at all costs if I were you. Save yourself the headache and just go to chamberlain, at least you don't have to worry about trying to transfer credits, and you will come out with your BSN