Licene Renewal and CEUs

  1. I'm an RN originally licensed in IL, but currently living and working out of state. I have always kept my IL license current and went on-line today to renew. I was under the impression that CEUs would be required for renewal this year, but was not asked any questions about hours of continuing ed or informed of how to present evidence of CEUs to IDPR.

    Has this not been implemented for this renewal period? If so, was there any decision made as to the specific number of CEUs required?

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  3. by   psycheab
    I also have an IL license and live out of state. I believe I read somewhere that when they finally made this a part of renewing your license, they would mail something describing the requirements. I've yet to receive it and none of my other friends who are nurses have gotten anything. And since we are up for renewals at the end of May (or at least mine is) then I imagine it wouldn't really be fair to all the sudden dump these requirements on us with only a month left to do them. So, I'm just going to go ahead and pay the fee and expect that the CEUs will be required in 2 years. Having said that, sure, I don't know for certain, but that's what I'm going with.