IV certification in Illinois?

  1. I'm a LPN and am looking into becoming IV certified. In school, my instructors had stated that Illinois does not recognize IV certifications for LPNs. After moving from southern Illinois to northern Illinois, many of the LPNs I work with have stated that they had never heard that and a few are IV certified. While I find several places to get my certification, I can find no information on whether or not Illinois actually recognizes it. I have found a letter on the IDFPR site stating what LPN's can do when it comes to IVs but nothing on certification. Does anyone have any proof that Illinois recognizes IV certification for LPNs? If not, I'm not going to waste the $500+ and the time to get certified.
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    You should write or call the Illinois Nursing Board.
    According the Illinois Rule an "approved LPN nursing program" would have trained you and taught you to start short catheter peripheral intravenous therapy.

    See (f) This curriculum shall prepare the LPN to start peripheral intravenous therapy that consists of a short catheter inserted through the skin into a peripheral vein.
    AND paragraph g says,
    g) The curriculum shall not include the following procedures:

    1) Administering chemotherapeutic agents via intravenous routes.

    2) Starting or adding blood or blood components.

    3) Administering medications via intravenous push or administering heparin in heparin locks.

    That means to me that running/starting an IV is out of the scope of an IL LPN and that the school may not have been accredited or maybe its curriculum was deficient.
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    Do you know the difference between an IV push and intravenous infusion?