Illinois Masonic RN Residency

  1. Hello! I have an interview for Illinois Masonic's RN residency program next week and I was wondering if anybody who went through it has any tips on how to prepare for this interview. Anything I need to bring?

    Also, if you went through the program -- how was it??

    Thanks in advance! :]
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  3. by   kat1315
    Congrats on getting chosen to move on! A few of my friends and I also applied to the program and are wondering when they called you to schedule your interview.
  4. by   yulee
    Thank you! I got an e-mail last Friday on the 27th
  5. by   manwer1
    I have my interview tomrrow, I was wondering if you could let me know any tips for the interview and what to aspect?
  6. by   yulee
    Hmm. I haven't had my interview yet with Illinois Masonic but some tips I got from others is to prepare to explain what you did or would do in a given situation -- they want specific examples

    Good luck on your interview tomorrow! Let me know how it goes!
  7. by   yulee
    How was your interview? Do you know when you find out about their decision?
  8. by   manwer1
    I think it went well. know the examples with specific questions, and they said by holidays or first week of January everyone should know where they stand. Good luck
  9. by   yulee
    That's awesome! Congrats for getting through the interview!

    Did you bring anything with you? I wasn't sure if we needed to...
  10. by   manwer1
    no you don't have to bring anything with you
  11. by   manwer1
    Did anyone heard back after the interview?
  12. by   kat1315
    Yes! I got a call with an offer on the 18th.
  13. by   manwer1
    Congrats!!!! Did you already have the license? And when did they called you? I haven't heard anything since the interview
  14. by   kat1315
    Thank you! And I'll be taking the NCLEX in January so not yet. They called last Friday for me but maybe they are doing their calls based on department? Good luck! I still think no news is good news. Means you're still in the race.

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