Illinois Masonic RN Residency - page 2

Hello! I have an interview for Illinois Masonic's RN residency program next week and I was wondering if anybody who went through it has any tips on how to prepare for this interview. Anything I need... Read More

  1. by   crna92

    Which unit(s) did you interview for and for which were you a offered a position?
  2. by   manwer1
    thanks, I was offered a position and I accepted it right after the Christmas. My orientation starts feb 22nd. Which unit will you be working for?>
  3. by   yulee
    Congrats!! What unit will you be on? I will be starting on med/surg and tele float
  4. by   manwer1
    thanks and congrats to you too also. I was told med surg and that's what it says in my offer email as well. Do you start on the 22nd of feb as well?
  5. by   yulee
    Yes, I start on Feb 22nd too! Do you know what time orientation starts?