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Hey everyone, I have passed my NCLEX. Wooo! After I pay my 60$ licensing fee, how long until I get my official license in the mail from Illinois? I am moving out of state in a couple of weeks... Read More

  1. by   pattyweb
    I'm waiting on my NP license, and just got off the phone and the lady said that department (I'm assuming all of the nursing licensure departments) was processing applications received the week of October 3rd. This whole process is time consuming! I know someone in Missouri who already has her NP license, took less than 3 weeks and we're looking to at least 5 week!
  2. by   skylark
    Quote from Tree5981
    I am endorsing from NV to IL....but I am applying for a temp license as well for IL. Does anyone know if that takes forever too? I'm trying to give myself a good 6 month window because I know it takes long.
    I'm in the same situation, transferred into IL from CA, its about a month since I applied for the temporary licence, and apart from the acknowledgement that they had received it, I have heard nothing.

    I'm guessing I won't be working again this year now : (
  3. by   skylark
    Quote from skylark
    I'm in the same situation, transferred into IL from CA, its about a month since I applied for the temporary licence, and apart from the acknowledgement that they had received it, I have heard nothing.

    I'm guessing I won't be working again this year now : (
    Ok, can someone tell me what is going wrong here.
    I applied to IL early October, and included everything on their list (current California licence, NCLEX details, SSN, etc etc)

    I got a letter 8 weeks later saying my application was incomplete, and listed what was "missing", which I had of course already sent them.

    So I sent it all again. That was the end of November.

    This week I get the same letter again, asking for my California licence, CCA (criminal record clearance form) and SSN.

    I have not worked since August because of waiting for this IL licence.

    I have a UK licence too, and will have to work there until this mess gets sorted, I can't afford to sit around NOT working, while they repeatedly lose my stuff.

    This is so beyond funny now.

    Does anyone know what I can do to fix this mess?
    Can you give me a name of someone near the top of the food chain at the state BON, or at least an email address, or a useful phone number?

  4. by   RainMom
    Skylark, so sorry you're still having so much trouble!! Not sure if these will help (you've likely found them yourself) but just in case, I found these with a couple searches. Looks like the same place, but I just copied/pasted as they were. Maybe an email or fax daily would get someone's attention?

    Illinois Center for Nursing

    James R. Thompson Center
    100 W. Randolph Street
    Suite 9 - 300
    Chicago , Illinois 60601
    888-NURSE07 [888-687-7307]

    Illinois Board of Nursing
    James R. Thompson Center

    100 West Randolph Street
    Suite 9-300
    Chicago, IL 60601
    Phone: 312.814.2715
    Fax: 312.814.3145
    Contact Person: Michele Bromberg, MSN, APN, BC, Nursing Act Coordinator
  5. by   skylark
    Thank you so much!

    I'm a little confused now, the licensing is (I think) done through the Illinois Dept of Financial and Professional Regulation, which is in Springfield, and only has a P O Box address.
    So I'm not sure where the address in Chicago fits in with this, but i will certainly investigate : )

    Thank you again, and a Happy New Year!
  6. by   RainMom
    Hopefully someone will be able to connect you with the right person to help.
    Good Luck!!

    IDFPR Main Offices
    Springfield Office Chicago Office
    320 West Washington Street
    Springfield, Illinois 62786
    Phone: 217 785 - 0820
    Toll Free: 1-888-4REGUL8 (1-888-473-4858)
    100 West Randolph, 9th Floor
    Chicago, Illinois 60601
    Phone: 312-814-4500
    Toll Free:1-888-4REGUL8 (1-888-473-4858)
  7. by   Magelan
    Illinois is the worst state ever... The only thing that went fast was obtaining license for the first time when I passed my NCLEX. I took my test on 11/15/2012 and my name appeared on license lookup on 12/04/2012.

    But, when I started endorsement process form Illinois to Virginia my nightmare started... I applied on-line through VA-BON web-site on 01/08/2013, paid the $170 fee, and the day after got the e-mail from VA-BON what additional paper work I need to submit. On 01/10/2013 I have sent the verification form to Springfield with $20 check. It was cashed 1 week after, but nothing has been sent to Virginia... My school also had to submit my transcripts (!?), which they did, but the answer from VA-BON was that the transcript is incomplete :-(

    I have tried to call Springfield at least 5 times - there is no way you can get through... I did call Chicago BON office, the human answered but hung-up on me after short explanation that Springfield is in charge... This is ridiculous... This state is driving me crazy. This is like system in my ex-country (MESS). I can't wait to move out but that will obviously have to wait because I'm still waiting for Virginia license...
  8. by   skylark
    You have my sympathy, I know exactly what its like dealing with Illinois!

    I applied back in mid October, (move from CA), and I am still waiting.

    What really annoys me is that if there is something wrong on my application, they take about two months to tell me, and then once I fix that, they THEN tell me about something else.

    Their instructions are very unclear, I followed them exactly, but then they wrote me and said actually that's not what we meant, please complete this or that form as well.

    I emailed them last week, (1st February) and they said probably another 8 - 10 weeks.

    Fortunately I still have a licence in the UK, so I am working there until they sort this mess. But the flights are costing me, and if I stay working in the UK too long each time I get a lot of questions when i fly back in to the US about why i was gone so long.

    Until I moved to the US, I had the impression it was a progressive and efficient country. Now my experience tell me otherwise.
    It seems a really backward place, and I enjoyed living in Eastern Europe and Russia more than here.
  9. by   Magelan
    I'm an Eastern European, too... When I left my country, I thought that I'll be spared of all that bureaucratic stupidities here in states...

    I know exactly what you mean. If you're permanent resident they will keep asking you at the airport why have you been out of states for so long... Especially if your port of entry is here in Chicago... OMG, immigration officers are the worst here on ORD. That's why I always travel to JFK - I have never been harassed in NYC.

    Anyways, why do you move here? Don't get me wrong, but I would never move here if had a choice back then when I first came to states. CALI is much nicer (and sunnier) place to be... Everything that went on your nerves in Eastern Europe is exactly the same here with the exception that all those "good" things we had back there you will not have here in Chicago...

    I'm moving, after 3.5 years I'm tired of this state and I'm heading east... Hopefully this process will end till jun...
  10. by   Mac18
    Hi, everyone i passed nclex on oct 6 th. I have read that after one week you will receive a letter from board to send $50 . But it going to be 3 weeks and i didn't get any letter from the illinois board . I am getting a little worried now. What should i do? Is there anyone who got the confirmation letter this late?
  11. by   i'manurse?
    Any update on this?