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  1. Hi All, I recently moved to the USA well two years ago. I did a nursing course in the UK in 1980. The Course I did was State Enrolled Nurse. We had two choices back then It was RN or EN. The EN course was 6 months shorter. We had the option to upgrade tp RN by doing another 6 months training. I then moved to SWouth Africa where I became a staff nurse and practiced for 10 years in a private hospital. I would like to continue nursing here in the US but have no idea who to contact to find out the status of my training. Or what I would have to do here to get my RN. Is there anyone out there who has made this transition or could advise me who to contact to find out. Thanks Pam
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  3. by   Stitchie
    Hello Pam

    Welcome! I remember reading an article about how well trained nurses are in SAfrica. I hope you do well here.

    My advice to you, as another IL nurse, is to contact the Il Department of Professional Regulation. There is a website you are able to access; there is an administrative branch in Downtown Chicago and the main office is in Springfield IL.

    Additionally, if you have a community college near to you, call them, ask for the nursing department and they may have resources available to you. Since many community colleges are so fundamental to training hospital nurses, they are often a great resource to the needs of the community.

    Please PM me or email me at stitchie@comcast.net if I could offer your any other suggestions.