1. I am an international nurse. I just got my California RN license. Now I want to make an endorsement to an Illinois one. The problem is I have never practiced nursing either in my home country or in the united states, although I hold a degree of BSN. But, to apply for an endorsement, the Board(Illinois) sets a prerequisite of minimum two years of clinical practice (this requirement is for international nurses). Here I am brought to a very pretty dilemma. Without a license, I cannot work; and without working experience, I cannot make the endorsement. I do not want to leave Illnois because my boyfriend is here. So what should I do? Actually, I want to write a letter to the Board to explain my situation. I want to try. Do you think there is any hope? any other suggestions?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   NurseMegA
    My question for you is why didn't you apply for an Illinois RN license in the first place? I think that writing to the board and explaining your situation can't hurt. They are hurting for nurses everywhere.