Harper people, what should I do?

  1. I was planning on applying for nursing school for fall 2010, but I was talking with my CAN teacher and she said I should apply for spring 2010. I'll still be completing my physiology class while applying so there wouldn't b a grade for that, plus I'm not even sure they would look at the application if I haven't finished the class. Anyone have any info or suggestions? It would be greattly appreciated. Thanks fellow Harpies!
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  3. by   lilbutterfly1
    Hey there! I am currently attending Harper and I will be starting the program Fall 2009. I suggest that you wait until you finish all your pre-reqs because they wont even review your application until everything is complete, besides you can get extra points when you finish physiology... I recommend Professor Kreiling for physiology she is awesome. Good luck...
  4. by   AmparoG-Mckinley
    Where is Harper and what classes do they offer also do they require you to pass the HESI or any other type of exit exam
  5. by   livingthedream
    Harper is in Palentine IL - the suburbs...

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