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  1. So, I'd heard that Continental takes about 10 days after passing to send you your pass letter. I passed NCLEX-RN on 2/15, so I emailed the rep today to ask when to expect my pass letter. She said 4-6 weeks! And that's not even the end of it because I'll still have to wait for the license. I asked if they could send electronically, or even if a friend could pick it up, and she said no (I knew she would). I even told her that I had job prospects and that me and my family were depending on employment. I guess they don't care. Super frustrating.

    Has anyone else passed recently and received their letter? I'm praying I get mine sooner than 4-6 weeks.
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  3. by   AmiC
    I passed 1/31, I received my official pass letter on 2/9. I have friends who waited about 2 weeks for their official pass letters. Now I am waiting for my license to post... the state takes its time.
  4. by   illinoisbound
    Thanks for your reply! I hope that it's closer to 2 weeks and not 4-6. I can only imagine licensing will take even longer. I guess they don't need nurses that badly.
  5. by   illinoisbound
    Mine arrived today! I tested on 2/15, saw my pass on the website 2/16. The day that I e-mailed the rep and she told me the delay was 4-6 weeks, the letter was postmarked (2/26). I received the letter today, 3/2. For anyone else who is curious.

    I sent my money order (I heard this is faster than personal check) and certified it via USPS. Estimated date of delivery is Monday! I'll update this if I see my license!
  6. by   AmiC
    That's awesome! It took me about 2 weeks to get my license - some people are taking a bit longer I think. As usual the state is pretty behind!
  7. by   illinoisbound
    I would jump for joy if mine posted in 2 weeks! Are you recently licensed? I'm in FL so I don't have any friends with whom to compare notes.
  8. by   AmiC
    Quote from illinoisbound
    I would jump for joy if mine posted in 2 weeks! Are you recently licensed? I'm in FL so I don't have any friends with whom to compare notes.
    Yes, I literally got my license (officially) this week!
  9. by   illinoisbound
    Congratulations AmiC! Do you know where you will be working yet?

    I am hoping to get mine soon. Unfortunately, I had a criminal conviction in my background (misdemeanor) that I disclosed at the time of my application for the ATT, and I'm just hoping that all is well and I get my license in a timely fashion with no more roadblocks.
  10. by   illinoisbound
    I did receive my license, after sending my letter of explanation and documents directly to Springfield (you have to do this in addition to sending it to CTS). The same day they received my letter, my license was posted.
  11. by   Rory123
    Hi, I read some of your posts and I am in a similar situation in Illinois. I have a DUI that is over 5 years old which I completed court supervision for and assumed would not be an issue since it does not show up on a regular background check. I did not self report this bc I honestly thought it was taken care of and didn't even think of it. I took and passed the NCLEX and then received a notice that I was prohibited from practicing and had to send in court paperwork and an explanation letter. I sent in this paperwork one week ago and am waiting for a response. How long did the process take for you? Do you have any advice?
  12. by   illinoisbound
    For anyone submitting to the BON, you have to assume they will see everything. Unfortunately, people do not realize this sometimes. I have seen other people go through similar issues. For all intents, I thought they already had my paperwork from CTS so I was in the same boat. The best I can say is call the board (call multiple times if you have to because some are better than others) to make sure they received your paperwork. If you get ANY correspondence from the board (i.e. request to appear, informal hearing) I would suggest hiring a nurse attorney.

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