College of Lake County CLC Nursing program

  1. Just curious if any of you have gotten accepted into the program within the last couple years, what was your NLN score? And how did you get notified of your acceptance/denial into the program??
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  3. by   GOAL2BRN
    I just applied for the second time. You are notified via your student email. Most people I know that have gotten in to the program had around a 92 on their NLN. But it all depends on the pool they have for each semester.
  4. by   Rdrgz6
    If you don't mind sharing, what was your score the first and second time around?
  5. by   GOAL2BRN
    Well my first attempt did not go so well..... I only got an 80 so I figured I wouldn't get in but thought I would try anyhow. I was not surprised when I got the rejection email. My second attempt was a lot better. I got a 97 this time around so hopefully I will get in. It takes 3-4 weeks to get an answer.
  6. by   GOAL2BRN
    How did it go for you?!