CNA pay at Presence?

  1. I'm applying for a position as a CNA at Presence. Does anyone know what they start their CNA's at? Does it change depending on the hospital? I'm hoping this will be a foot in the door for trying to find a job after I graduate from nursing school in 2014.
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  3. by   smithy7730
    If you are currently in nursing school, I would suggest looking for a job with a title "nurse extern" at Presence. It is exactly the same thing as a CNA (at Presence hospitals), only you have to be enrolled in nursing school. I'm not sure how much CNAs make, but I think it's around $11-$12. You'll get $15/hour as a nurse extern. If there aren't positions open now, they repost them pretty often due to students graduating and moving on (or getting hired into RN positions). The Presence job website isn't very user friendly, so you really have to search. Again, the extern jobs are not ANY different than'll be working with the CNAs doing all CNA responsibilities/tasks. The only difference is the fancier title and salary (and you won't be expected to work as many shifts...unless you want to) as a nurse extern because they want you to succeed in school. I'm not sure if all the hospitals have externs, but I think most of them do.
  4. by   RUBY2623RN
    Hi smithy is right, as of matter of fact, they have currently "nurse extern" postions open posted on their website.