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  1. Hi guys!

    I'm debating about whether or not to apply to Cook County Hospital (John H Stroger, to be specific) to one of the ICU's as a RN with 4 years of experience. Can anyone provide any insight on working at this facility? I've heard alot about Northwestern, Rush, University of Chicago (all of which I'm also considering) but not alot about Stroger. Are the benefits good? I heard something about good retirement benefits (like being able to retire after 20 years of employment). Is the pay good? How about the work environment in the ICU's? I'm looking for a facility where I can get excellent benefits and a good tuition reimbursement plan so that I can go back for my Master's, but I also want a nice unit where I won't dread going to work everyday. If anyone could provide their two-cents (or two dollar's worth), I'd be very grateful...

    Thanks in advance
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