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Ok on nov 3rd I took my entrance test(teas) into CASPN in springfield il. I passed the reading really good but i failed everything else. My worst subject is science. Im asking for advise so I can... Read More

  1. by   Sandy155
    Is there anyone out there starting class in feb 2013? I was suppose to start this past aug 2012, but I didnt pass the test before the class got filled up. The ati book alone didnt help me; had to purchase electronical apps. I studied that book backwards and forwards for months in and months out. If you haven't atleast taken a basic biology (college) class, I think its going to be very diffcult for you to pass the science portion. There's chem in the science portion as well, so good luck to all.
  2. by   Allboutnursing
    The science portion for me was also the hardest. The teas v study guide DID NOT help me at all! If anything it confused the heck out of me
  3. by   lorenzmichelle89
    Anyone attending CASPN and taken the TEASV recently?
  4. by   futuremalenurse24-7
    Quote from lorenzmichelle89
    Anyone attending CASPN and taken the TEASV recently?
    I'm not currently attending CASPN but plan to in the future. I have been studying for the Teas forever and finally booked a date to take it in a few weeks. What about you? I was also wondering if anyone on here has taken the Teas for CASPN recently. Wanted to know how it is in general and if it's really difficult to get the required score in each category that they have set? Any info at all would be great if anyone happens to come by this post.
  5. by   futuremalenurse24-7
    Quote from lorenzmichelle89
    Anyone attending CASPN and taken the TEASV recently?

    Hello again! I don't know if you check back ever on your post, but I have taken the Teas-V since my last post. I wanted to update and say that I passed!!! The test was really different than I thought it would be and being out of school for so long I didn't really know what to expect. I did study using a few different resources which all seem to help in their own way. Here are a few tips for anyone that needs some direction.

    So here is what I used:
    -Ati official studyguide
    -Mcgrawhill Teas-5 practice tests
    -Biology for dummies
    -Chemistry for dummies
    -Microbiology for dummies
    -Any of the "idiots", "dummies", "demystified", and cliffnotes books are very helpful.
    -Utilize your library for quite study time and check to see if they have any books that will help you out. My library had some good "dummies" and "demystified" books. Even some ESL(english) and Ged(for math) have good practice in them.
    -Youtube( <-----this is a HUGE help) it's like going to school at home. I used this for all the sections and found useful info for everything mentioned in the book. Some good clips to watch for are from Khan academy(science and math), Crash course(bio+chem)), Bozeman biology(bio+chem), Brightstorm(Bio,Chem,Math), Tyler Dewitt(Bio+Chem), Thinkwellvids(dude with the funky tie, Bio+Chem), Engvids(obviously English), and many many more. There are so many useful videos to watch that will help with your studying. I had no idea how much awesome info was available online for free until I started studying for the Teas.
    -Last but not least look for info here on Allnurses Teas-v section. There are two stickies at the bottom detailing peoples experience with the teas. They are very useful and like the ATI guide they kind of point you toward topics that one needs to study.

    I wanted to say that some people might not have to go through all the intense studying that I went through if they had already taken there prereqs beforehand. I don't have any really completed so I had to study a lot longer than you might have to really bring it all together for myself. If someone is out there in a similar situation like myself I would tell them to plan on studying for a while before rushing in to take the test. If you already have the prereqs done for nursing school and they were recent you may need less time to go over things.

    I would like to say that if your testing center lets you use it! If I didn't have earplugs I wouldn't have been able to concentrate and it would have effected my grade for sure.

    Make sure you get plenty of scratch paper cause I would write down anything that would help me finish the problem easier and it wasn't just with the math section.

    Make sure you get rest the night before and don't try and stay up all night cramming. If you studied for six months and don't know it then your not going to know it the night before either. I would suggest resting the day before, watch a movie, go out to eat, etc.....Do something relaxing and go to bed early if your test is in the A.M.

    When you are about to take the test Don't worry about anything except the question right in front of you face. Focus on one question at a time and move to the next one. If you don't know it make a educated guess and move to the next question. If you have time later you can go back and try to answer it better. I would write the question number down on my paper to make sure I know which ones to come back to. Obviously the test is timed but if all you think about is the time you will freeze up so be calm and do what you can. In between sections my testing center allowed me to get up and walk around....use the bathroom....get some water...etc... I would suggest you use this time to take a small breather and clear your mind for the next section.

    I also want to say that I did pass it on the first try but if you happen not to pass don't let it discourage you. The second time around I believe the test changes and maybe you will questions you understand better the next time. Be prepared for them to ask questions in a way that you might not be used to. It really through me off when I was taking it because I wasn't prepared for the way they asked some of those questions. Either way I want to keep this a positive post and not go into how much I dislike that Hope my post was semi helpful and good luck to everyone trying to pass the test.

    If anyone curently attends Caspn or is going to please post here your thoughts on the program or what your experience is with the process.
  6. by   dreamChaser92
    Hey is anybody Studying to Take the pre-entrance EXAM for CASPN , ThiS year I've been told they made the Test even harder, is this true ???