Can I be a Lpn immediately?

  1. Hi. I am an undergraduate of nursing in the Philippines. I finished 3 years of bsn but I didn't finish my last year because I need to go here. Can I take the Lpn licensure immediately? What can you suggest for me to do? Help
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  3. by   sgthanzo

    The State Board requires that one take and pass the NCLEX-PN -- and only through the supervision of a State-approved Nursing school.

    That said, there are not very many Nursing schools that I know of who will credit Core Nursing courses from outside the U.S. There needs to be a direct "articulation" agreement between two schools for transfer-credits to take place.

    If you still have questions, post back here and I'll see what I can do to help you out.


    hattori hanzo
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  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Starting point would be the state BON and seeing what their requirements are.
  5. by   sgthanzo
    As SD102 suggested, read up on the IL Nurse Practice Act...

    CLICK this LINK and it'll take you directly to the LPN portion of the Act.

    Pay close attention to Section 55-10. Qualification for LPN Licensure.

    Good luck!

    hattori hanzo.
  6. by   BryanL
    Taking the NCLEX-PN is a two-step process. Visit this site for an in-depth explanation.

    You must fill out an application form either paper-based or on-line and must use a SCHOOL CODE from an approved nursing program in Illinois (here's a list of approved programs.)

    A nursing school must certify you as one of their graduates to the NCLEX Provider (Pearson Vue). I highly doubt that any of these nursing programs will put you in their roster for NCLEX-PN.

    What are your options?

    Find an LPN school who will accept your foreign credits, so you don't have to start from scratch. However, every program has its own policy with respect to foreign credits. Again, here's the list.

    Typically, a nursing program will require that you get your foreign credits evaluated first by one of the foreign evaluation agencies (see below) before submitting your transcript to them for review.

    World Education Services

    Educational Credential Evaluators

  7. by   xiopao
    Guys I really appreciate the replies... Thanks for the answers... The truth is ece already evaluate my credentials it said "undergraduate nursing". My plan is:

    a) to look for a school and ask them if they can accept the units I have taken as what you said...
    b) take a cna program. but they said it's a waste of money
    So what do you guys suggests? Sorry guys no one to talk to to ask for help and suggestion and what school do you suggests not that expensive but a good one. thanks

    Thanks Guys
  8. by   sgthanzo
    XIOPAO: PM me your contact information and let's have a side-conversation about your issue.

    Hattori Hanzo
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from sgthanzo
    XIOPAO: PM me your contact information and let's have a side-conversation about your issue.

    Hattori Hanzo
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  10. by   sgthanzo
    Thanks, SD.
  11. by   BryanL

    If I were you, I'd get certified as a nursing assistant first. There are many CNA programs in Illinois (you probably know this already). Work for at least 6 months. A CNA is someone who assists patients with healthcare needs under the supervision of an RN or an LPN. Working as a CNA will give you wealth of experience beyond lectures and books.
  12. by   BryanL

    A certified nursing assitant is an honorable profession.

    In my view, CNAs are the bedrock of patient care services in short and long- term facilities. No offense nurses. But CNAs don't often get the recognition they so highly deserve.

    Those who told you that taking a CNA program is a waste of money don't know what they're talking about...

    I'll get off my soapbox now.
  13. by   xiopao
    thanks again guys... yeah thats what im thinking to be a cna first... but ill inquire for the lpn thing. but being an cna can give me a good experience that i can use. The truth is I want to be a CNA first but i was really thinking coz I don't want to waste my 3 years of bsn in the Philippines.

    Can I add you guys in fb so that I can ask you if I need advices. No one to ask for these things ^_^ Thank you very much for the replies
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  14. by   xiopao
    Hi guys... im back to this site again.... hmmm now im working as a cna.... im so happy cause being a cna is big stepping stone for me... I got my car and now im beginning to be independent... but i still want to be a nurse or a lpn... do u know scholarships that can help me to continue my study... what else do i need to do... please help me become a good nurse... thank you ^_^