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  1. -Newly grad RN-BSN and had my first job at middle of nowhere Laredo, Texas. With a base pay of $20/hr for a year
    -with that 1 year experience I was lucky enough to land a Per Diem gig in NY with a base pay of $45/hr for less than 6 months
    -moving to Streamwood, IL ...
    what base pay should I anticipate for a full/part time? I don't plan to work too far from that area. Any suggestions, tips, sour truth?

    thank you!
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  3. by   Lacie1221
    I can tell you that Centegra (about 30 min. north of Streamwood - very reasonable commute) pays new grads $28/hr starting. I have no clue how much/if that increases with experience, but I have heard that it's one of the better starting wages out here in the NW suburbs.
  4. by   LMD3
    Thank you for taking the time to reply and the helpful information
  5. by   BDOGGRN
    There is a pretty substantial demand for RN's, and especially BSN/RN's. My suggestion is that you explore the type of nursing/setting that fosters your nursing development, and not focus solely on pay rate. You have at least 1 year of nursing experience, which is generally the prerequisite in Chicagoland, and you have a BSN, so based on my experience in this market, if relying solely on pay rate, a reasonable base pay would be over $30/hour, with considerably more for shift differential. Also, Streamwood is a great location since it geographically lays within several different health systems.

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