Any Prairie State Hopefuls for Fall 2014 - page 3

I am looking to start the nursing program in fall 2014, finally!!!! Are there any more hopefuls out there?!... Read More

  1. by   dcw132003
    No...I could have but opted out. Are you?
  2. by   dcw132003
    did you complete your shots and immunizations?
  3. by   Nicole_22
    Yes, except my flu shot. I'm getting my second TB test done this week
  4. by   dcw132003
    i turned in all my paperwork a couple of weeks ago and all it says is records im waiting.
  5. by   Nicole_22
    Yea? I finished the 111 course!
  6. by   ryoungw
    Got all my paper work in!!! Finished Nursing 111 and it was kind of hard!!! Getting nervous Aug 18th is coming fast!!!
  7. by   Mz_Angela
    Hello are you currently in the program I just applied?
  8. by   Mz_Angela
    Hi are you in the program I recently just applied I was wondering what was the lowest amount of points that you heard of being accepted?
  9. by   DPrizzy
    I know of someone that got into the program at 92 points!
  10. by   Mz_Angela
    Hi Nicole im applying this year awaiting my letter have you heard any rumors of the lowest amount of points they accept?

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