Any Prairie State college hopefuls for fall 2012 - page 2

I was just wondering are there any prairie state hopefuls for 2012 out there?... Read More

  1. by   Nursebetie
    @dw its my best friend lol! She had 115! You can't let that bother you especially when our ancestor work so hard endured so much pain to get where we are today! The sky is the limited, life is what you make it!!
  2. by   Nursebetie
    "Limit" not limited lol
  3. by   dcw132003
    did you take all the pre-reqs,i mean comm, eng 101 ans 102, psych 101 and 102 and the art?
  4. by   dcw132003
    and where did you ladies do your cna training?
  5. by   Nursebetie
    Yes but I haven't taken art or chem! At samland in oak forest! But prairie state offer it
  6. by   dcw132003
    i know but i want to take it over the summer
  7. by   Nursebetie
    I think its a place in Chicago heights called southland by st James but I'm not 100% sure
  8. by   dcw132003
  9. by   dcw132003
    how much did samland charge you?
  10. by   Nursebetie
    I can't remember! It was long ago
  11. by   Pinky723
    I'm waiting to receive my letter this week! I have 114pts so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
  12. by   dcw132003
    Another question what have you guys been doing since your last semester, have you worked? Kept going to school? I'm going to be free from the end of fall which is middle December until August when the program starts. Any suggestions on how I should spend mY time?
  13. by   dcw132003
    I hope you all get in!!!! Couple of more days until you get those letters!