Am I a candidate for direct/advanced entry?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I appreciate any help I can get on this manner. I want to apply to DePaul, UIC, Loyola, and Rush for their direct(advanced) entry programs for those w/ Bachelor degrees that are not nurses. I am very interested in becoming a public health NP or my true preference would be a Geriatric NP.

    I am just not sure of my chance at admissions. I received my degree in Biology from Augustana College in 2010 and graduated w/ a 2.8 GPA and my science course GPA was around a 2.4. Since then, I am almost done with my Masters in Public Health at NIU where I have a 3.8. I have taken the GRE for a 2nd time and I got a 1060 with a 4.0 on the writing section.

    Additionally, I am a licensed EMT-B, have worked over 1,000 in a nursing home, work as a research graduate assistant, and have logged a good amount of hours volunteering for the Red Cross. I have also shadowed a Nurse Practitioner.

    I know this info doesnt account for my reference letters, interviews, personal statement, etc. but if anyone could please give me feedback on my potential to any of these programs, I would be SO grateful!
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