ADN to BSN bridge question

  1. I have a BA and applied to Chamberlain School of nursing. I got a 92.2% on the HESI A2 and got in. Problem is they picked apart my BA and decided not to take some of my classes and want me to take them over again at their school to the tune of an EXTRA $20K. I turned them down. I liked the idea of going there because I would get in a nursing school before I took the A&P 1 & 2, Microbiology, and chemistry. They are rather new in Addison so they don't have the waiting lists other schools have.

    My question is: If I get my ADN at my CC, how long do I need to be an RN to take the RN to BSN bridge? Is online worse or better? Do I have to ever work with the ADN, can I go straight to the RN BSN bridge? Are they going to look at other classes or do they accept you because you got into the ADN program and passed it and have your RN? I am wondering because I would hate to get my ADN only to find out that when I am completely done I won't ever be able to get my BSN. I am 40 and this is my second career. Don't know if I want to take all my math again, psychology (have a minor in it) sociology, etc. It works for my CC but not Chamberlain even though it was the same exact class. Not even sure what it takes to do the RN to BSN bridge or how long it takes. I might be able to do it full time but also not sure if that is doable. My CC doesn't really have all those answers. If anyone has any information on this, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks a bunch.

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    Any answers on this question. I am meeting with my CC adviser and I want to go in with as much info as I can. I don't always get the right info. I would also love to hear of any questions I should be asking him. Thanks.