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Illinois NCLEX-RN Requirement Clarifications

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First is about the credentials evalution report. I'm planning to use CGFNS (Comission of Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools) and according to the the examination packet I downloaded from IDFPR, the report required is "Healthcare Profession & Science Course-by-Course Report" however when I checked the CGFNS website the only options I found was "CES Professional Report" & the other option is "CES Academic Report" [CES = Credentials Evaluation Services]. So which one is the appropriate option to choose?


Second is about taking TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) if our first language is not English. I had read a publication from the IDFPR website about the License Reulations for Internationally Educated Nurses that "TOEFL/IELTS may be waived if our credentials evaluation report indicates that our nursing education program was conducted in English utilizing English Textbooks." So does this also apply for NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination) applicants? Is it wiser to wait for the CGFNS-CES results before taking TOEFL or IELTS?


Third, do I still need to pass the VisaScreen Program Certificate if my credentials evaluation report from CGFNS is already valid? If so, how will I be able to obtain one?


Fourth, about the four page application for licensure and/or examination.

1.) Do I have to indicate that I'm an RN in the Title even though if I'm just locally registered in my country? (Answer = ) On the permanent mailing address there are 9 digits for the zipcode how do I input it if my zipcode is only 4 digits or can I just leave it blank? (Answer = ) On The last preliminary school location do I have to input the full address or only the city and country? (Answer = ) On the type of degree earned can I just simply put BSN or spell out Bachelor of Science in Nursing?


2.) On the page that allows me to enumerate my Specialized Training do I have to fill in all the institutions where we went on duty when I was still in college? Or only the institutions that I had volunteered in after I got my local license? If so, do I need to pass a proof or certificate coming from the different institutions?


3.) For the "Record of Licensure Information" do I need to fill it up even though I'm only locally licensed outside the US? If so, do I have to fill up the same information for both sections that indicates "State of Original License" and "State of Current Licensure where you most recently have been practicing"? Or do I only fill it up under "Other States of Licensure" since I'm not from the US?


4.) Do I have to fill in the "Record of Examination" section even though I'm licensed outside the US?


5.) For the Examination Coding Information, on the sections that says "Find your School of Graduation and enter school code" I'm from outside the US so can I leave it blank? (Answer: ) And the section that states "record the number of times you have taken this exam in Illinois or any other state" can I just leave it blank as well or input 00? (Answer: )

6.) On the Supporting document CCA do I have have to fill in the License Number even though my License is from outside the US? If so, my license number is only 7 digits long...


7.) On the CT-NUR there is no space for a country code for the applicants phone number [Area Code (_ _ _) _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _](Answer: ) .

Fifth question, How do I obtain a fingerprint card? I already emailed FPR.prfgroup09@illinois.gov last November 25 for inquiries and request for the fingerprint card but didn't receive any reply. Will it be mailed to me or will they send a computer file so that I can print it out? (Answer = ) Also after completing it do I have to mail it to ISP (Illinois State Police) or can I just send it directly to a fingerprint vendor (Accurate Biometrics)? (Answer: ) Do I have to include the FP-NUR with it? (Answer: )

Additional Questions:

Do I need to pass the instruction sheet together with the other requirements to CTS (Continental Testing Service)?


Do I need to write in all caps in the application?


I tried to call IDFPR for international callers on the number 312-281-0341 around 12AM-5AM Philippines time or 10AM-4PM Central Standard time but they are unable to take the call so if anyone can answer on or all of the questions I would gladly appreciate it.

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