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Hi everyone,

I am having a VERY hard time finding info out about Illinois schools. I have my LPN and was actually only a class short to my RN when I had to move back to Illinois due to family crisis. It is pretty much impossible to have any RN level classes transferred in because nursing programs differ so much. So I am wondering if anyone knows of any LPN to RN bridge programs that offer theory classes online, only having to attend for labs & clinicals??? I was going to do Excelsior, but the idea of having to work and commute out of state for two years is over whelming!

Thank you for all info, much appreciated.


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The answer is NO L

There is no school in Illinois that offers any online LPN to RN bridge program. I was also looking for that kind of online program for more than a year, and believe me, I couldn't find anything.

In my opinion, the Excelsior is the best thing especially if you live near state line since all neighboring states accept Excelsior. My case is very easy because I'm in Chicago's South Side only 5 miles from Indiana state line so I'll commute to some of Chicago's suburbs in the Northwest Indiana or I'll maybe move to NY or FL.

If I'm right you are in Galena? In that case Missouri and Wisconsin are very close so commuting would not be so hard.

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