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IL Endorsement


I am an RN in the state of WI. I'm interested in potentially moving to Chicago next summer, so figured I would get a jump start on trying to get an IL RN license. I understand that IL is not yet a compact state, so I completed what I thought was all of the necessary documentation. I did not apply for a temporary license as I don't have the need for one; I am not planning on relocating for several months and haven't applied for any jobs. I mailed my application on September 13 and since then I've heard nothing; they cashed the check right away so I know it got there. I understand it can take a really long time but I was hoping to at least get some confirmation that they have everything they need. E-mails go unanswered and I can't get through on the phone. The only things I did NOT complete were: finger-printing (by the looks of the papers this was needed for the temporary license), and I didn't complete the employment verification because again, I only noted that form being required for the temporary license. My question: Do I need to complete these two things for the regular license? And how much longer should I give them? I'm questioning if I should've just signed up to take NCLEX-RN in IL just for fun to make the process easier ;)

It does take forever to get your license endorsed in IL. The whole process took me about 4-5 months. Rather than emailing the board, I would call them. If you aren't applying for the temp license you don't have to verify employment. As long as you followed all of the application instructions and are in good standing, you should be fine.