If you were "wait-listed"


I got my letter today.

I was not accepted, but I was not rejected. I am going to be "reevaluated" in mid May.

The reason is because I didn't have my computer competency test completed when I submitted my application in January, but had it completed by mid March.

So, I have some questions for those of you who were "wait listed" or told that your application was going to be reevaluated for the second pool...

What was your GPA? Did you get in? What are my chances with a 3.4 or a 3.5 in the second pool???

I was expecting a rejection letter to be honest, but with this letter it has given me a little bit of hope. I'm trying to remain optimistic without getting my hopes up, so I'm going to anticipate another rejection letter in June but hope and pray for the opposite...

Thank you!


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Depends on how competitive your school is. I was waitlisted at Florida State University (#3) and did not get in with a 3.75. My school only took one person off the wait list, but if you're at a community college, you may have a better shot. Some students will have applied to multiple schools and may decide to not go to your school. Good luck!