If you had just two and a half weeks...


I will be coming to the Bay area in AUgust for 2-weeks to look for a job. Then I go back to Ohio with the plan of moving to CA in September. I want to make the best of my AUgust visit-- set up interviews meet potential employers and figure out where I want to work-- ideally even lay the ground work for getting a job. I have a free place to stay in Berkley until I get settled in, but I want to find a job quickly. I am open to living just about anywhere in the Bay area that is safe and affordable for a nurse. In the workplace I look for a congenial atmosphere, team work and really good patient care.

My question is-- how can I make the most of my August visit? Who should I see, who should I call before hand? I have 18 months experience as a nurse in inpatient hospice and by the time I get to California I will have had about two years. I also have 25 years as a clinical social worker, which may help me with some jobs. (But I want a nursing job. )I lwould enjoy doing home hospice. In the much more congenial workplace (I refer to patient ratios!) of California, I would also consider doing oncology or med surg. or other jobs in the hospital setting. Should I talk with a recruiter? My problem is that I live in Ohio and it is hard to job search from here, so I want to make each day count when I come for my visit. Does it seem possible that I could actually find a job during that time? Are there any hospitals that I should be applying for already? :spin:

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