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IELTS band of 7.0

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Hi! I took the ielts test twice. I took the exam because it will be my first step to be able to register as a nurse in UK. I didn't make it in my first try :bluecry1:. Then, last February 12 was my second try and the result was: listening - 8 , reading - 7 , writing - 6.5 , speaking - 7. The requirement in UK is a score of 7 in each, I don't have a work to pay for the ielts test once more, I'm tryng to find a country in europe wherein my score in ielts will be accepted. I hope someone can help me.

(by the way, i wasn't able to finish the writing task one due to time shortage, i was still on the introduction when the time ran out) please, please, please help me :crying2:.

I'm currently working as a volunteer nurse in a government primary hospital. Thank you and God bless!:wink2::nuke:

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